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    Ultimate 11-12 - my best patch ever

    hello, I just opened a pack of Ultimate to celebrate the end of the lock-out
    and I pull my best patch ever ...

    here the break

    and ...

    thanks UD for that one
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    If you decide to sell it, I guarantee it will sell for more than it would've a week ago cause of the end of the lockout :) btw nice pull!

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    Very very nice! For me personally I would wait until hockey actually starts to sell. It's just my opinion as I've seen people raise their expectations with prices(meaning starting the card out at a higher price) and not selling them. I noticed my PC players prices aren't selling higher, YET!lol But yeah you got a sick patch card there my friend, Brad.
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    Is it me or does Teemu look like he needs to pee?
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