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    Looking for a nice alfred morris auto (Panini Black, Absolute Spectrum, Momentum, Elite or R&S ), Dez Bryant (Cowboys Uni Only/No College) and Reuben Randle multi-colored Strata Clear Cut Autos!!!

    I already have some offers on the table elsewhere with a few nice cards offered up to me at descent prices. Show me what you have and please post what your looking for. Im looking for a good deal here or below Ebay. His stuff is already starting to slip a bit and people are lowering. Wanted to see what I could get or if I needed to wait another couple weeks.

    I have PP ready to spend NOW for best deal!!!

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    8hr rule for bumping on here right? Havnt been on in awhile. Please bump for early morning exposure vs. late night......

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    Do u have his prestige auto already? I have one available for 30. lmk.

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    no but I did last summer before preseason and sold it witht the elite hard hats /199 like an idiot before I knew anything about him for 9.00 in a lot!!! Im might be interested in that. Would you take a partial trade? Im working on an Absolute Spectrum thats at the top of my list first.
    Thank you

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    I checked ur bucket and didnt see anything id be interested in trading in. If u decide u want to purchase it for 30 paypal gift.. lmk

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