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    KHL vs. NHL: Alexander Medvedev says players could stay as hockey's Cold War reignite

    It seems as though the battle between the NHL and the KHL is just heating up. Speaking with on Tuesday, KHL president Alexander Medvedev fired shots at the NHL, saying that the league's new CBA might allow players to stay in Russia instead of returning to North America.
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    Are the Russians really that scared that the NHL won't participate in the Olympics?

    Medvedev needs a wake up call from the IIHF warning them to honour the NHL agreement they have.
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    Its just PR for his league thats all. i did enjoy watching a couple KHL games but the speed and tenacity was not there. Ovechkin and malkin skated around like it was a pick up game. Not that they were destroying the league by any means. Just seemed a slower pace
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