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Thread: interesting ebay lot for sale

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    interesting ebay lot for sale

    here is the linky

    always thought these were limited to about 5 -10 copies. this guy has 10 mint cards. interesting

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    I think the numbers were crunched & there are 25-30 of each. The only year they were super rare was 05-06 when they actually had a serial # /5
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    i thought the black edition directly out of the victory packs were the extremely short printed ones and those out of upper deck series 2 were printed a few more?
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    And it's done.
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    While the number is unknown. It is believed the ones from Victory are shorter printed. This along with the cheaper price of Victory means more novice collectors may pull the cards and not realize what they have.

    Blacks from S2 seem much more common.

    Since 06-07 I have seen only 3 Shea Webers from the actual Victory product.

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    That lot has been on ebay for awhile now. I know I opened a black in 2005-06 and it had the serial number on the card out of 5. Now I believe there is quite a few black victorys produced.

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    As mentioned, this lot has been reposted on eBay for the last few months. I've heard estimates from the 09/10 in the 20-25 print run range for Victory Blacks.

    There was a large lot of JVRs for sale at one point (12-15). And between eBay auctions/trade lists, I've come across 7-8 version for Colin Wilson in the last a couple weeks.

    so, yeah, more than 5-10. It seems like there's more out there for 2009-10 than most other years though.

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    I wish the Galiardi was as easy to find as the others lol, I seen the a couple months ago too I believe at one time he had it at like $50,000 obo lmao

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    This reminds me. I have yet to see a Peckham Victory Black since 08-09. Its actually interesting that 10 of those appear for the same guy.
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    this^...if they are that super rare, how in the world does one guy pull 10 of them??
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