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    Leaf Announces Best Of Hockey (Next Week) via Twitter!!!

    From Leaf this morning:
    "Very limited print run item being announced next week... Best of hockey!!!"

    I must say I am really looking forward to this. There are 2 brand new products battling it to see who reigns supreme in a brand new Buyback market of the Hockey Card industry.

    Leaf is the king of buybacks, and you look at products like Best Of Football, Best of Baseball, there is a clear reason to be excited for this product; the big hits are HUGE. The price point will be a little high (around the same of History Of Hockey), but Leaf tends to throw really high end hits into this that are graded.

    So, with that being said, more info next week, but as something for us to do, what card do you think will be in there that will surprise everyone? For me, I have a feeling they managed to snag a Crosby Cup RC... But only time will tell!

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    Only info so far is a Twitter post. More news next week.
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    Yeah, Leaf usually delivers fairly solid value. I guess Best of Football is the only case I ever opened and made significant profit.

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    I love card of good retired players. Hope it includes some affordable base cards as well especially for those pre-50s NHLers who have almost no cards showing their full career stats.

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