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Thread: DC Mayor demands name change.

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    DC Mayor demands name change.

    Does this also mean that the Dallas Cowboys will have to change their name? Seriously, the mayor of a big city has better things to do with his time. Doesn't he have crime to fight or something?

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    “I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there’s no doubt there’s going to have to be a discussion about that,” Mayor Gray said after a news conference
    So he accepts that the team will not be moving back to within city limits...

    “I think it has become a lightning rod,
    For who? This is the first I have heard of this being an issue in like 15 years. Suddenly it is a lightning rod?

    I agree Mayor Gray needs to focus on more important issues like the 120 murders, 180 rapes, 3700 robberies and 5000 car thefts that happen in his district every year. Or how about doing something about the 8.8% unemployment rate (1% higher than the national average). Or maybe he could address the poverty rate that has remained the same for 6 years even though income averages have risen in his district every year over that same time period. Just a thought.

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    Its just part of the liberal agenda.

    I still do not see where the constitution says anything about freedom from being offended or that
    being Politically Correct is mandated.

    The city is falling apart around him and this is all he has to worry about?

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    Demands? I'm pretty this is still America where the owner of the team can call it whatever he wants see the Angels and their name change by the owner a few years back. He just has to deal with the consequences of what he calls them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstand54 View Post
    What does redskin mean?
    Like 200 years ago it was slang for an indian, as in Native American indian.

    I think Snyder should change the team name to the Washington Idiotic Politicans. At least then they would be properly representing a portion of their viewing audience.

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    Redskins are what early settlers called native american indians.

    As far as this guy throwing out demands hes just trying to assert control of something he has no control over in the first place. Its an act of desperation. If it works then he appears to have control over the city to the public eye. Its a political move. I hope the owner keeps the team where it is and doesnt bend to this nimrod. When things start getting out of someones control the next step is for them to apply force to keep their position of power. This is when people start to fight against it. This guys days in his position are numbered.

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    Daniel Snyder doesn't strike me as the type of guy that gets told what to do by a mayor. My guess is that all this idiot did is guarantee that the Redskins will never be back in the city. I would fall out of my chair laughing if Snyder would hold a news conference announcing that since the Washington mayor has made it clear that he doesn't want the team back in the city he is moving all team operations to Maryland and changing the team name to the Maryland Redskins.

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    Yeah you gotta love nfl team owners lol. Its stupid that someone tries to take away what someone else has and thinks its gonna work. I hope he moves the team too. That would get the mayor out of office in a heartbeat. Its people like that who run our lives. They have no real skills or knowledge other than taking from others. The skills they are taught in college in the system they themselves created. In the world of the people this guy would have no place and would be poor or dead. People like him need a slap in the face and a boot in the rear end.

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    Were these the same Native Americans who were killed and driven off their land by the men who called them redskins?

    I'm not one to tell an owner to change the name of his franchise, but I can understand where the sentiment comes from.

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