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    My 14 best adds to my Patrick Roy collection 2012 !

    Hi Everyone !

    2012 was a ok year for me and my collection. I recived some nice Made To Orders that I have shown here. But now I will show my other 14 top cards.

    Here is the links:

    Thanks for your time !

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    That's a lot of good nastiness right there!
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    awesome stuff. great patches
    Looking for:
    The most unique 08-09 The Cup Limited Logos that I can get.

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    The Dominion patches are beautiful... but that ITG Emblem one... WOW! Solid additions.

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    Thanks for the look ! I am very glad to catch the older Bap Ultimates. They are almost impossible to find now days.

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    Those are some sweet cards! I'd love to collect St. Patrick, but the price tags attached to his name scare the hell out of me!
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    If that is an "ok" year...I would love to see a good/great/amazing year. Incredible cards!!!

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    Thanks for the coments ! This year have started good also I have 5 amazing cards in a big deal. I will show them here as fast I recive them.

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