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    Let me buy you something(Cardshow January 26th & 27th)Lexington National Guard Amrory

    Just a fyi due to work on Saturday might have to go on Sunday which means fewer dealers to choose from. So might have to roll it over into next month if nothing can be found on the list.

    Let me buy you something (Cardshow January 26th and 27th). Lexington National Guard Amrory

    The concept is simple. I usually hit the Lexington National Guard Armory show and peek around at the variou vendors. So with that said I figured I would put out the following contest in which I would pick up something for one person in this thread. If I ever miss a show I will do another one with two prizes to be picked up. As things do happen in life and I might miss a show for unseen cicumstances.

    Just reply to this thread with who or what you collect and I can check my iphone or ipad so I can find something for someone while at the show. I show the dealers while walking around stating it not for me but for someone else.

    p.s. I will post the winning card and the member. It will be your duty to contact me. Hence, it makes you check the thread to see if you won.

    Last month winner was Markell
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    Alonzo mourning
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    Any rookie or certified auto. Anything Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, Walter Payton or OJ Simpson. I also collect garbage pail kids and wacky packages.
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    Anything Roberto Clemente or 49ers stuff. Thanks again for doing this!
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    Any Sergei Bobrovsky or any Wings or Flyers Goalies!

    Thanks for doing this once again!!!

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    Galiardi or Gerbe

    Lways love that you do this and thanks a ton

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    Mats Sundin or Wendel Clark.

    Thanks for doing this!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Sweet Don Thanks. Any Oilers Doesn't matter who.
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    ill throw out a few things I like, Gabbert, Clyde Gates, Egnew, Bucks, Packers, NBA NY draft 10 things, Jimmer, Von Wafer thanks

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    Any Ron Santo autograph would be awesome. Thanks!

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