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    About 50 paypal available tonight- looking for a lot of stuff

    Heres what Im after. Please post pics or a good list, and please have prices- I dont make offers!

    1. Cheap (1.00 or less) GU/autos- dont need scans of these, a list is fine- any sport is ok also
    2. 1991 Wild Card NFL Stripe cards. Need card #s along with the stripe size
    3. Ill consider a larger lot of mid 90s/mid 2000s inserts so I can start working on some of the insert/parallel sets
    4. Vintage stuff (really looking for 1972 topps fb hi #s)- any sport is ok, but Id like to see scans unless you have a large common lot, then a general condition break down is ok
    5. HOF autos- will be fairly picky on these.

    Ill also look at other scans with prices, but I WONT check buckets- not tonight at least.

    Anyone wanna make some paypal? Lets see if we can work a deal

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    Hey bud! Check this post....I'll do the bottom two scans for $23 DLVD if you were interested. $1.25/ card avg + $3 shipping....Plmk! Thanks!!-Check-em-out!!!
    Looking for ANY year Gridiron Kings Patch Autos!!!

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    thanks for the post- Im gonna see what other offers I may get tonight, then I will get back to you
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    I have 2 Mario Williams jersey cards I'd sell for 2 bucks total
    I collect- Any 49ers contenders autos. Also collect Janoris Jenkins

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    if thats shipped, id do it, but i think you will actually lose money selling them to me...

    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    I have 50 autos i can do for $50.
    Always looking for Falcons I don't have. Auto's, GU'd, Patches, #rd.......
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