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    buying kuechly and janoris jenkins tonight

    looking for kuechly and janoris jenkins tonight......topps chrome colored refractors first.....will also consider auto's...and numbered rookies

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    have the topps prolific playmakers and base strata auto for 8.50 dlvd

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    I've got a Jenkins Bowman Draft base Autograph I can do for $2.50 PP Gift in a PWE (I'm from Pittsburgh, so I'm guessing by your name that you're in WV, so it doesn't have far to travel). Let me know if you're interested!
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    Jermaine Gresham: 29 RCs, 26 #D, 30 GU/Patch, 25 AU, 29 Au/Jsy
    Steelers: 74 #D, 37 GU/Patch, 22 AU, 6 AU/GU
    Josh Johnson: 16 RCs, 9 #D, 17 Autos

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    thanks gonna pass on that stuff...really looking for topps chrome refractors..ifi buy autos i want higher end autos

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    i got a jenkins black refractor & gridiron auto #ed 257/499..lookin for topps chrome autos
    looking for any vintage star baseball cards,any patch or auto cards,jason thompson (sac kings)jared cook(tennessee titans)michael oher(ravens) Rookies

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    LMK if you need any of these TCs--

    Kuechly--Orange, Black/299
    Jenkins--xfrac (3), refrac

    also have Jenkins Topps Gold/2012 if you need it.......LMK.....thanks--Keith
    Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, QB & RB Autos !

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    price on and black..pwe non machineable

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeltowninwv View Post
    price on and black..pwe non machineable
    no idea really, you can PM an offer or LMK if you have anything from my TC Master Set thread if you would rather trade......thanks
    Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, QB & RB Autos !

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