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    Skinner adds with Cornerstone #2! Gotta love the Cup!

    So here we are again! After a long time between S&T threads for my Skinner PC I have a couple quick ones. This is a short but sweet one and I actually have a bunch of cards incoming too! So most likely there will be more S&T threads in the near future. So now on with the show and the 2nd PC cornerstone! Enjoy and comments are always welcome, Brad.

    Up first a couple interesting cards

    Ironically I thought these would be thick like the actual cards. However they are not. They are like a normal base card! Still kinda cool and since I only paid $8 shipped for both. I'll take it!

    Top 3!!!!!!!

    12/13 BD Lustrous Stars!

    12/13 UD S1 Clear Cut Foundations Skinner/Ward

    And the #1 Corner Stone add #2!

    You ready?

    You sure?

    10/11 The Cup GOLD RAINBOW RC /53 3CLR!!!!!!!!!

    Which goes nicely with this other cornerstone piece!

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    Wow :o amazing, that 3 coloured patch is crazy congrats:)))

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    Really impressive set of cards you have here!!! That's sweet, chunky patch looks nice with that hard-signed sig and hand-numbering...

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    That's ginormous!!! The patch on it looks awesome and I really like the look of the BD and UD cards, they've got that wow factor going! :)
    Great additions to that crappy collection of yours. It'll finally look half decent. LOL

    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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    Awesome stuff! Really like the apr /53, Really need to pick one up asap before the season starts!
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    Jeff Skinner Super Collecter! Looking for all his cards
    Check my bucket anytime!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnferguson12 View Post
    Awesome stuff! Really like the apr /53, Really need to pick one up asap before the season starts!
    Yeah honestly I spent the lock out time trying to pick up as much SP stuff as possible! I got a decent deal on it too I think. Less than the one that sold before it so that is always good!LOL Thanks for the comments guys!

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