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    Trip down memory lane...HG's, Faulk, Benn etc...

    I have a website that I had totally forgotten about until this evening. I thought the site would have been deactivated since the last time I had logged in was 2010. It contained a couple of major PC's I had built but have since moved, it was both invigorating and heartbreaking to see cards I had once owned.

    Hope you enjoy the show, and if you have a similar story/photo to share, post away!

    This one wasn't in the website, but kind of fits the bill
    5 x Justin Faulk Young Guns Spectrum Exclusives /10
    4 x Ryan Johansen Young Guns Spectrum Exclusives /10
    1 x Cam Atkinson Young Guns Spectrum Exclusives /10

    And now the main point of this thread:

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    so that's where all the faulk HG have gone sweet haul congrats!!!

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