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    For Trade: RG3 Camo AU, Steve Young AU, and Joe Montana AU

    I'm going to trade these three cards for Peyton Manning Auto's ONLY...I don't really care to sell them, but if you want to make a really strong offer I may consider it.

    Here are the cards, please post the Manning that you are trying to trade me.

    RG3 Camo Auto /105 (most expensive Chrome camo auto there is, Luck doesn't have one)

    Steve Young Auto /15... 2011 Timeless Treasures

    Joe Montana Auto
    Very Much ANTI-Blowoutcards Forums...

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    No interest? Really?
    Very Much ANTI-Blowoutcards Forums...

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    Next bump...
    Very Much ANTI-Blowoutcards Forums...

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    I like them, mostly the rg3 I have two manning in the bucket somewhere

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