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    FS: Auto Patches from a lot I picked Up 2011-12 Cards

    Hi everyone, been gone for a while did a major push on Ebay to sell stuff and did not have much time for the Forum with the holidays as well, but I'm back.

    I recently picked up a lot here just for the Hossa/Kessel card for my PC the price was reasonable so I took the whole lot. The rest is for sale prices are pretty much set as the cards are destined for my show tables. Shipping is for both Canada and USA. Trades are BV for BV I don't really care much about Ebay prices or SV if you want to trade that is the way I do it. Also only trading for Phil Kessel cards I do not have or the following: Danica Patrick, Anna Kournikova or Manon Rheaume. Not really interested in trading for anything else as I had to cut back on my PC's recently.

    Hossa/Kessel is not for sale its a PC and the reason I picked up the lot.

    Tomas Vincour 11-12 Contenders Patch Auto 35/100 3 Colours $15 DLVD (gift) or $16 Dlvd (Goods)

    Jonathon Blum 11-12 Contenders Patch Auto 6/100 2 Colours $12 DLVD (Gift) or $13 DLVD (Goods)

    Calvin De Haan 11-12 Contenders Patch Auto 58/100 2 Colours $12 DLVD (Gift) or $13 DLVD (Goods)

    Tomas Kubalik 11-12 Contenders Patch Auto 45/100 2 Colours $11 Dlvd (Gift) or $12 DLVD (Goods)

    John Moore 11-12 Contenders PAtch Auto 46/100 3 COlours $11 Dlvd (Gift) or $12 DLVD (goods)

    Brendan Smith 11-12 Contenders Patch Auto 5/100 1 Colour $15 Dlvd (Gift) or $16 Dlvd (goods)

    Alexander Semin 11-12 Contenders PAtch Auto 48/100 $15 Dlvd (gift) or $16 Dlvd (Goods)

    Lance Bouma 11-12 SP Authentic Future Watch Limited Auto Patch 38/100 $20 Dlvd (Gift) $21 (DLVD) Goods)

    Johnaton Blum 11-12 Sp Authentic Future Watch Limited Auto Patch 66/100 $20 Dlvd (Gift) or $21 (Dlvd (Goods)

    Gustav Nyqvist 11-12 Ultimate Collection Auto Patch 28/35 $45 9DLVD 9Gift or $48 DLVD (goods)

    Steve Mason 2008-09 The Cup ARP 2 Colours 214/249 $70 DLVD (Gift) or $75 DLVD (Goods)

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    On the Contenders:

    I would do $50 shipped if interested.

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    Contenders Patch Autos

    Tomas Kubalik

    Jonathon Blum
    Calvin De Haan
    John Moore
    Brendan Smith

    Are sold thanks Blmdear

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    Gustav Nyqvist 11-12 Ultimate Collection Auto Patch 28/35 Sold

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