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    Evrything is for sale and MUST GO!!!

    Evrything on my baseball/football card lists are for sale!!!! throwing in the towel!!

    Im moving to Kansas City and i need some money, i did not have any time to price anything so just make an offer u think is fair and i will reply...


    also plz be reasonalble with your offers....keep in mind im only 16, and these cards were once my pride and joy....

    I do not have a paypal account so money must eather be cash or money order or something...i duno just email me with what u think is best....

    My email is
    ....plz try to email me with your offers, its easyer for me...

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    Bump to top....

    i will also give a 10% discount on whatever the deal is we hammered out to ppl who buy 10 or more cards...

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    sry i posted this in the wrong board....ment to post it in baseball....and i duno how to delete it

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    I'll move it to Baseball.
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    i'm interested in the three autos if you haven't sold those yet.

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    how about $5.00 for these 2..
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