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    I'M bored-BORED-bored,Let's trade-TRADE-trade!!!

    I'm looking for anything that catches my eyes.
    Please check my bucket and lmk if you need anything.

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    check my bucket for the Locker/Cam dual

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    cmb for the following:
    gabbert certified jsy auto /25
    mallett sp authentic jsy auto
    cam newton certified jsy auto
    broyles inception jsy auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by efish44 View Post
    check my bucket for the Locker/Cam dual
    Pm sent.

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    cmb for these alex smith auto, ryan mallett auto /299, certified and prime gabbert auto, mjd black auto, and exquisite cam and locker auto thanks

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    my friend you have a few things i like cmb or just tell me who yoir looking for >>.thanks bee

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    lmk when you get around to checking my post

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