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    BRAND new to football collecting. Looking for some advice/help.

    So Ive decided to start a football collection. I have collected hockey for over ten years but am looking for a change. I know nothing about football cards; values, sets, manufactures ect. Im not looking to break any boxes or collect anything except autos and auto/memrobilla cards. Heres what I am looking to do for starters; I want to put together a mid line set of autos of top players of the last ten years or so. (Kinda like a Sign of the Times or SPA Chirography or Autofacts for those of you who collect hockey) The key players would be Brady, Rodgers, Farve, R. Lewis, Peterson, P. Manning, C. Mathews, ect. I would love your advice and input. If you do collect hockey I have some for trade, and am willing to buy as well. Thanks!
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    Well pretty much any of the sets you mentioned from hockey are available in football. I found in 2000's SPA was a pretty nice set design each year. Maybe put those sets in a search on ebay so you can try and find a set that has a look you like. Or even go through peoples buckets and what you like. Alot of us have stuff labelled nicely or are willing to help out people with questions. And if buying, feel free to look through my bucket and see if anything interests you. Hopefully something from this helps you out.

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    Love that Hawerchuk auto if it is for trade! ... could use these as well if you see anything in my bucket you like for them:

    Bryan Little Young Guns RC
    Evander Kane Young Guns RC

    Let me know, thanks, and welcome to football card collecting!

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