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    Looking to sell or trade the rookies i have left

    Looking to trade or sell the rookies and couple autos in my bucket left. feel free to make offers on anything or let me know what you like

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  3. SCC End 2017
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    Hey dude looking thru ur bucket, PM me prices on these dlvd thanks!

    Chris Paul Bowman Chrome RC
    Chris Paul Bowman RC
    Russell Westbrook UD RC
    Blake Griffin UD RC
    Stephen Curry UD RC
    Rajon Rondo Turkey Red RC
    John Wall Dual GU
    Lamarcus Aldridge Certified GU

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    I have some interest in the Wal GU & the Bledsoe/Orton auto.
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    FT: Hidden Content

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    Interested in the LaMarcus Aldridge Certified GU if ZnM decides they don't want it, and the Lillard prestige rookie.

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