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Thread: Looking to buy

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    Looking to buy

    I want to buy a decent lot(1-4) I want to spend around $20. Not checking buckets.

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    hey man got lots of Lion Cards..I can put a few lots together for you or you can pick and choose from scans? what me to PM you details?
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    Collecting: NBA Super Stars (lbj,KD,kobe,MJ)etc & NFL Super Stars....Short Print Rookies..1/1s

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    Sanders Exquisite patch
    broyles see trough auto

    pm me prices

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    I will pass

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    I have these:
    Robert Griffin 111, 12 Sage Hit #10
    Peyton Manning 99 Collectors Edge O5
    Calvin Johnson 07 Sage Hit #61
    Aaron Rodgers 09 UD #84/99
    Sorry no scans.


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    Price on these 2?
    Kendall Hunter
    Steven jakson auto jersey

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    kendal hunter 22 stephen jackson 10
    My Mid-HIGH End cards are in my bucket Hidden Content

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    04 UD FOTF K. Jones GU, #x/75, blue
    09 R&S dual Studio rooks Stafford/ Pettigrew, x/399
    R&S Kellen Moore rc
    2010 R&S SP Bell Longevity holo rook, x/25!
    09 Contenders RRC Stafford insert
    98 Coll Edge Odyssey Peyton rc

    PM me
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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