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    over 150 added to my bucket! WTTF: Vikings...

    Just added over 150 to my Bucket in the autographs and game used section. My bucket is a work in progress but I'm still looking to get some trades done.

    Here is what I'm trading for:

    Autos, Multi-color or low #'d of:
    Cris Carter
    John Randle
    Jared Allen
    Adrian Peterson
    Harrison Smith
    Randall Cunningham
    Chad Greenway
    Antoine Winfield
    Brian Robinson

    Also looking to add an auto of the following players to my PC:
    Peyton Manning
    Barry Sanders
    Matt Ryan (rookie year)
    Ray Lewis
    Rich Gannon
    Randy Moss

    Here is my bucket:

    Hope we can work something out!


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    Didn't mention in my post, but some key cards in my bucket are a Sterling Sharpe 2 color Jersey Auto #/25, Jerome Bettis Jersey/Auto #/25, Demaryius Thomas Gridiron pullout Jersey Auto RC and for that high end Cris Carter I just can't pass up, I have a RGIII certified Freshman Fabrics auto/jersey RC.... Anyone have Vikings to trade?


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    i like some of your skins n ravens gu.lmk if you are interested in any of my gu

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    Kwajr69 - didn't see any vikings other than John David Booty, got any others?

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    there are 2 sidney rice rc gu and i have this with ponder but i am looking for something nice or multiple cards to match

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    Going to have to pass on Sidney, I dumped pretty much all I had of him anticipating he wouldn't return to Minnesota. That quad is nice but I've got all I need for ponder as of now, mainly focusing on the vikes I listed. Thanks though!

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    ok,thanx.there are 7 skins n ravens that i like,if i get something i will keep you in mind,also if you wanna sell them lmk.thanks

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    I know you aren't looking for Ponder, but I have a 2011 Timeless Treasure Ponder Auto and I also have a Panini Black AP jersey...lmk if is my bucket

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    Kwajr69: which cards were you interested in? I'm not opposed to selling, let me know what you like and you're offer and we'll go from there.

    Bouddddyyy21: what are you interested in of mine?

    Thanks for the replies guys, anyone else?

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    these are the ones i like,what would your best price be.not sure of the values
    e.reed gu
    d.mason gu
    cooley gu
    lewis/arrington gu
    skins quad gu
    r.rice gu
    l.landry gu

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