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    SEND WANTLISTS FOR: 2008/09 OPC Hockey - loaded, opened CASES UPON CASES

    Hey guys, trying to get the word out - I have thousands, upon thousands of:

    from 2008/09 and back. Changed careers and ebay/cards took a back seat and im enjoying the lower level of biz I am doing now.
    Based on the title, i have to choose from:
    4,000 retros still avail
    2,000 opc metals avail
    100+ retro #/100s avail
    100s of golds from 1st series - not much left of update golds
    100+ Metal X singles avail
    commons are gone but rookies in qty are still avail as well as some GJs, and inserts

    If you are looking for SPx, SPGU,Black Diamond, regular UD, etc, email me and I will see what i can do.

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    need this 08-09 OPC #187 Blank Back Patrick Marleau

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    Got any Cal Clutterbuck?

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    What do you have in Canucks?

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    Anything Backstrom!! I need most OPC stuff of him please contact me!

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    08-09 Darroll Powe OPC

    Retro Rainbow #/100 X 2 copies
    Gold Parallel X 2 copies
    Metal X Parallel X 2 copies
    Blank Back Parallel X as many as you have.

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    Looking for:

    Barret Jackman
    -retro rainbow /100

    Let me know!

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