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    I would like to see SCF "sponsor" a card award "show"

    In this day and age of an overabundance of award shows I can't really believe I'm suggesting this, but I am lol. And I am NOT really suggesting an actual show on TV or internet but that's the word that popped into my head.

    It would just be nice to have some official polls with opening and closing dates and times for members to vote. Not just a normal thread but something SCF could stick at the top of the home page encouraging people to "vote now". When I say sponsor, I'm not suggesting SCF put a lot of money into the project. But just promote it on the site.

    Then members could vote on cards in categories. Best high end product, best middle, best low end, best value, best new product, best set collectors product, best design etc etc. We could even do some raspberry awards for ugliest card or biggest disappointment.

    It would just be a good way for us as collectors to have one big poll to examine all the products in one year in a systematic fashion. And by establishing criteria based on numerous factors like price, quality, rookie selection, hit ratio etc etc, it would even be possible to have a "brand of the year award". Sport's Card Forum's "best product of 2012" for example. Heck the card companies might even take notice eventually.

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    This is a fantastic idea and would be highly entertaining. I look forward to seeing what comes of this idea.

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    Seeing as how they are buying a second server for the Inventory Manager I highly doubt they will be spending anymore money on side projects anytime soon.
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    well, thats what I said. I said specifically that it wouldn't cost anything. Unless I'm missing something, what would cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    well, thats what I said. I said specifically that it wouldn't cost anything. Unless I'm missing something, what would cost?
    Yeah I read it totally wrong originally. Now I get what you are saying. Just do a yearly vote for cards. That could easily be done but I don't think it will be for 2012 stuff. Kinda late on that. It could be made to happen in 2013 though.
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    We did this a while back on with MMA cards. Don't remember all of the details of how it went down but it was pretty cool. Would be a cool idea but would probably take a lot of work to go through the selections. Or even really who would take on the task itself of this monumental idea? So much product and so many selections could be submitted lol. Cool idea though.

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    We are tentatively looking at making this happen, stay tuned...

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    Just so you know, we have about 80 staffs on SCF and upgrade only involve me, the owner and the programmer that do these upgrade for us. What it does is slow down my programming but not what the staff can do. Of course a major forum upgrade like last summer was a diifferent things since we had to upgrade the custom application attach to the forum. So this is why dispute for example was affected and the trade manager but not for long since I coded a new version independant of the forum. DO so for custom app when we code them outside VB forum application mean we will not have the same issue the next time we upgrade to a major forum version.

    But the next upgrade will only touch the inventory and storefront only. The trade manager will not be affected. So this should be more of a smooth upgrade since the forum will not be affected and same for the trade manager.

    This summer was really a different ball game as VBulletin let you install custom application but when they do a major version, most modification will not work correctly since they change core coding feature only on major version. Now we should be good for a few years before we do upgrade to a major version again. Also the fact we will move the Inventory/storefront on a second physical server will definilty let the forum run smooth for a while since the custom app were taking a lot of ressources.
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    Well, I don't have much in terms of computer resources but I am willing to help in any way I can. I understand its probably too late for 2012 football. But if I can do anything to help, so,some let me know.

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