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Thread: Need some quick advice...

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    They left negative feedback even though I gave a full refund + $5 to ship it back to me. Got that resolved into positive anyways. Looking through their feedback left for others they gave a ton of negatives. I reported the buyer for leaving unnecessary negative feedback and blocked them from my future auctions. Got the card back today and was super surprised at the condition.

    Here is the original.
    14 001.jpg

    Here is what I got back. Just the right edge is a little roughed up, mostly by Richardson's auto.

    I know I should have packaged a little better, but that is not $200 worth of damage IMO.

    Just glad to have it back!

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    I don't see any negative feedback on your profile. Hard to tell in the pics exactly what damage was done other than the corners a lil roughed up, but IMO you could still sell it like that without much of a problem. Nice card though.

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