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    Just bought this card and had a few questions! Please take a look

    First of all, I just bought this card for $300 and felt the price is too good to be true, is it?
    Second, and more importantly, is the patch real? At first I was so excited to see this card on the market that I BIN'd immediately, but then was a little apprehensive about it's authenticity.

    Any comments or information would be appreciated:
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    my advice would be see if u can find other same cards if they look similar to yours, if they dont and this sticks out its more or like a fake one.
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    well does anyone know if a list of all the patches were released?

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    What`s the seller name ?

    I would go toward real there are better parts of the shoulder patch available.

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    If I recall, I think The Cup is the only (current) set that Upper Deck releases a patch reference of, if they do it at all.

    Unfortunately the shoulder patch that that is cut from is dirt cheap to buy by itself. I would have been extremely wary of this item at the time of purchase, and unfortunately the onus is now going to be on you to provide proof that it's a fake in order to get any help from eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kicker View Post
    What`s the seller name ?

    I would go toward real there are better parts of the shoulder patch available.

    I saw it earlier; was it the same seller with the 19/35 one too?

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    I beleive this come from the left shoulder logo. On the right it says Boston and on the one on the left it says Bruins. So it would be the letter "UI" also it look like rounded as well witch match the shoulder logo's letter that are rounded.

    As for the price, while I can't disclose BV I can say you paid under the high BV.
    Is it real, normaly when yo would receive it often one see damage to the side cardboard around the patch. Hard to say from the image.
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    Thanks for all the comments. I do know the BV of the card.

    I have yet to pay for the item, as I have told the seller I'd need a couple days to get the paypal ready (which is the case). I'm mostly concerned with it being authentic.

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    It looks authentic to me. Would be a great pickup

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