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    Organizing Cards

    I'm looking for a new way to organize my cards and am looking for ways that other people organize their cards. What is your way of organizing all of your different types of cards?
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    i have all of my cardinals in binders by years...all in order by set name and number

    then inserts are in a monster box and others are in other boxes.
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    Most of my sets are in binders, the rest are in boxes. All of my GU and autos are sorted by HoF or non-HoF outside of my Gehrig and Mussina collections which have their own 5600 ct boxes - Gehrig has three because most are in the thick screw-downs.

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    I have always liked to organize my cards by player position. For example all the QBs go in one album, RBs in another, for basketball Fowards, Guards, Centers, go in their prospective albums and if I decided to get back into baseball and or hockey I will do the same things for those sports.
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    I have numbered, game used and autographs all in an excel spreadsheet for quick reference. I also have another spreadsheet for my pc. As for the physical cards they are all in penny sleeves and toploaders and put into the 2-3 row shoe boxes. My pc is all in the magnetic card savers and put into a 2 row shoe box. I don't collect sets per se (unless it's a parallel, refractor, etc. no base) so it's not a big deal.

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    Ummmmm I could tell you what not to do..........I have been on a year long mission to clean up this room.....each night I go to the basement and put the cards together by sport and by set in the hops that I will have an easy time finding far epic fail!

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