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Thread: 2012 Certified

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    2012 Certified

    Christian Okoye #162 "Immortals" (233/999)
    Lee Roy Jordan #192 "Red Immortals" (56/250)
    Sam Bradford "Red" #149 (195/250)
    Morris Clairborne "New Generation" #295 (591/999)
    B.J. Coleman "New Generation" #253 (996/999)
    Keshawn Martin "Blue New Generation" #280 (24/100)

    Cyrus Gray "Red New Generation Auto" #262 (234/350) - Scrub
    Michael Floyd "Red Freshman Fabric GU" #321 (148/149)
    Kurt Warner "Red Immortals GU" #204 (100/199)
    Kendall Wright "Freshman Fabric Auto / Dual GU" #322 (135/399)

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    Hey Bill!! That Was A Rough Break My Friend. I Was Wondering If Ya Ever Seen My Post In Your Other Thread About The "Red Zone Rookies" Andrew Luck Card Ya Had. I REALLY Need It Buddy For My PC. LMK If Ya Still Have It & LMK What Ya Need In Trade Or If Ya Would Sell What Kinda $$ Ya Would Need.

    Thanks, John

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    I'll peer over at that post and let you know. Yes, my supposed card mojo has completely left me.

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    Hey Bill!! Just LMK On That Other Thread & Looking To Get Us A Trade Going.

    Thanks, John

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    Could use these if they're available:

    Christian Okoye #162 "Immortals" (233/999)
    Kendall Wright "Freshman Fabric Auto / Dual GU" #322 (135/399)

    My trade list is here:

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    Cool to see Okoye back in some products. Thought about PCing him awhile back.

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    I will get with those that are interested in some cards later today.

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