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    Looking to sell these gu's and autos

    Just let me know what your interested in and make me a offer also might trade for non sports autos will be posting a rc list soon plmk
    2004 SPx Ben Watson #197 0717/1499 (Blue Ink, White Swatch) (Patriots) (A little ding on side)

    2004 SPx Spectrum Kellen Winslow Jr. Football Jersey Auto Rc /25 (blue ink, white swatch) (Browns)


    2003 Sage Hit Autographs Tyrone Calico #A27 (Blue Ink) (Middle Tenn St.)
    2004 Sage Hit Autographs Silver Jake Grove #A29 (Blue Ink) (Virginia Tech)
    2004 SPx Superscripts Joey Galloway #SS-JO (Blue Ink) (Bucs)
    2004 SPx Superscripts Jesse Palmer #SS-JP (Blue Ink) (Giants)
    2005 Press Pass Autographs Brock Berlin
    2005 Press Pass Autographs Gold Brock Berlin /100
    2005 Sage Premium Master Auto Brock Berlin 1/1


    2001 Donruss Classics Hashmarks Fred Biletnikoff #HM-17 (Turf) (Raiders) (PENDING)
    2002 Fleer Showcase Air To The Throne Jake Plummer NNO (Red Swatch) (Cardinals)
    2002 Score QBC Materials Aaron Brooks #24 (Black Swatch) (Saints)
    2002 Score QBC Materials Rob Johnson #5 (Blue Swatch) (Bills)
    2003 Ultra Touchdown Kings Ultraswatch Ricky Williams #TKU/RW 18/34 (White Swatch) (Dolphins)
    2004 SPx Rookie Swatch Supremacy Ben Watson #SWR-BW (Blue Swatch) (Patriots)
    2004 Absolute Memorabilia Leather Donovan McNabb #LL-28 008/250 (Football) (Eagles)
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Green Brian Westbrook #88 4/5 (Black Swatch) (Eagles)
    2005 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jerseys Courtney Roby #RF-CR (Sky Blue Swatch) (Titans)


    2001-02 Inspirations Brian Scalabrine/Kenyon Martin #113 0374/1149 (Both Blue Ink) (Nets)


    2002-03 Hoops Hot Materials Cuttino Mobley #HM-CM (Red Swatch) (Rockets)
    2002-03 Hoops Hot Materials Ryan Humphrey #HM-RH (Blue Swatch) (Magic)
    2002-03 UD Glass Premiere Issues Sam Clancy #SC-P (Black Swatch) (76ers)
    2003-04 Bazooka Bazooka Blasts Hedo Turkoglu #BB-HT (White Swatch) (Spurs)
    2003-04 SP Game USed Authentic Fabrics Kedrick Brown #KE-J (White Swatch) (Celtics)
    2004-05 Sweet Shot Sweet Shot Jersey J.R. Smith #SSJ-JR (Teal Swatch) (Hornets)


    1995 BAP Rob Pearson #76 (Black Ink) (Washington)
    1999 BAP Milennium Signature Series Paul Laus #117 (Black Ink) (Panthers)
    2002-03 BAP Signature Jan Hrdina #114 (Black Ink) (Penguins)
    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Ultimate Autograph Evgeni Nabokov #73 86/135 (Black Ink) (Sharks)
    2003-04 Upper Deck Rookie Update Top Draws Evgeni Nabokov #TD-1 (Blue Ink) (Sharks)


    2001 SPx Sean Selmser #139 0280/1500 (White Swatch) (Oilers)
    2002 Private Stock Game Used Gear Ian Moran #80 (Grey Swatch) (Penguins)
    2004 Private Stock Reserve Patch Variation Olli Jokinen #169 150/300 (2 color Blue/White) (Panthers)
    2004 ITG Jersey Gold Keith Tkachuk #GUJ-20 (Blue Swatch) (Blues) (No bv due to scarcity) (Only 20 made)


    2005 TNA Authentic Event Used Mat A.J. Styles #2 1166/1525 (Ring Mat)
    2005 Topps Heritage Ringside Relics Kurt Angle (2)
    2005 Topps Heritage Ringside Relics John Cena

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    Do you have any non sports autos if not how does like 40 dlvd sound or I could do all 3 of his autos for 45 dlvd plmk

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    2004 Absolute Memorabilia Leather Donovan McNabb #LL-28 008/250 (Football) (Eagles)

    How much DLVD??

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    GarMart- Make me a offer plmk

    SteelersRock2453- Make me a offer winslow bv 150 berlin no bv due to scarcity plmk

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