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Thread: Reggie White Autograph Up FT

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    Reggie White Autograph Up FT

    Reggie White Autograph Up FT

    Pack Certified from 92 ultra

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    What are you looking for on it? I can do a cash and card deal.
    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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    cmb for it thanks
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    I trade by SV,PV (Common sense) only. Im only looking for PC needs.


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    Cmb as that is a definite PC need.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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    Really interested as well. Can also do card + cash. Let me know what you collect, have lots not on tradepage.
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    Looking for Buffalo Bills and HOFers auto/GU in football and Alex Tanguay & vintage players GU/autos in hockey

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    CMB too, nice card! Even better player.
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    Looking for 1997 UD Game Jersey's I don't have! Multi-colored a plus!

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