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    Willing to buy your 90s inserts

    Ok, Im willing to take ANY 90s inserts, any of the 4 major sports- but Im not paying a lot for most of them. That includes all the CE sets from the late 90s, and even the junk inserts from the early 90s. If you have some 90s inserts for sale, feel free to send me a list, or give me a # and a price- please keep in mind, Im not paying a lot for the junk stuff- but im willing to take it if the price is good enough!

    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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    I have a ton - if you could be more exact about what you're paying (% of Beckett would be good) I can see what I can do.
    My wants and some of my traders are here:
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