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    Everything here freshly scanned with prices. Nice and easy

    Just scanned all of these tonight. The label is on the penny sleeve and not the card itself. The price on the label is my asking price, and all but one of the prices are negotiable (within reason).

    Make sure to check below each scan to verify that cards have not already been sold!

    Shipping will be free with purchases $10.00 or greater. Less than $10.00, and the following charges will apply:
    To Canada: $1.50
    To USA: $2.25
    Anywhere else: $4.50

    PM for faster response. Also open to trading!

    Here we go:

    Heatley TRADED

    Silfverberg SOLD

    Skinner SOLD
    Brayden Schenn SOLD

    Seguin SOLD

    Landeskog SOLD

    All of the following are $2.00 each:

    All of the following are $1.00 each:
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