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    Panini Prime Remarkable - An Autograph or an Atrocity

    Can each of these cards, on their own, actually be considered an autograph card?

    If you pulled this card:
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    Would you call it an auto?

    I think Panini did a great disservice by cutting up these autographed numbers (it looks like a number). Sure, you may say that there are gazzilions of Robitaille autos out there so nobody will miss this one. You might point out that the autograph is too big to fit on a single card. Then I say they should have offered the whole auto'ed number as a mail-in redemption. Or make a 5 x7 card (box or case topper) which would be big enough for the whole auto and randomly insert them.

    I dunno. I like the concept of piecing cards together to build the entire logo, nameplate, or All Star locker plate. But an autograph is only an autograph when it is intact. I love the rest of the set, but think they went too far here.
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    Yeah lets say you pull one of the cards it will look a bit strange, i wouldnt call it an auto when you have a piece of it only but thats me...
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    BUT... on the flip side of the coin, it will look SICK if you can track them all down.
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    I agree that either complete or intact (as a box topper), these cards would look amazing, but each card on its own is not so nice. I am not a fan of this particular subset.
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    I think its cool as heck and see nothing wrong with it.

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    These cards are not being considered as "Autograph" hits in Prime. We use all of the pieces of the gamers we buy. We thought we could do something new and showcase the autographs in a unique way on the cards. Collectors that are up to the challenge can reform the autographs if they can chase them all down. Also, some autos fit perfectly in the cards and are 1/1's. Others took up to 10 cards to hold the entire auto.

    Regardless...these cards won't be considered your autograph hit in a pack. Rather a unique memorabilia hit.
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    This will be a hate/love relationship card. Personally, I love the looks of it. Also, they will be heavily sought after since a collector will want to piece it together, hence generating resale value. Also, this doesn't count as an auto card, rather as the extra hit as vegas was saying, meaning you still get 2 other auto cards if you are lucky enough to pull one.

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    Mixed feelings on this. If I pulled it, I would look to sell/trade it unless it is one of the players I collect. Then I would drive myself nuts trying to find the rest of the pieces! As long as Panini is not counting it as an auto, I am OK with the experiment and at least they are trying something different, which is definitely needed in hockey card products!

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    It's a novel idea but will make it tough to complete much like a nameplate. I can't see by the scans, but it looks like they are numbered, most likely 1/4 and such. If you can complete it, great, if not it will look incomplete. I like it but doubt I will try to complete any.

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    Would be great if all four cards were your pack. So you get all four pieces in one box, like a 1/1 only with 4 different cards. Imagine opening your pack and pulling those four beauties? That would make collectors really happy.

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