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Thread: 1 Box of 09/10 H&P

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    1 Box of 09/10 H&P

    overall not a terrible box, odds wise i think i did good but the quality of players wasnt really there. if anyone needs anything pm or post all are ft/fs.

    Keven Veilleux Auto
    Ryan Spooner Auto
    Jared Cowen Jumbo Jersey Black
    Brent Raedeke Subway Series Number Black /6
    Michael Latta Game Used Number Black /6

    I collect JORDAN EBERLE & Sam Steel & Martin Brodeur & New Jersey Devils. Also Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas & Broncos Greats. Also looking for Star YGS & SPX AU RC JSY; Wantlist ---> Hidden Content
    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    These guys may be somebody in the near future? Did you pull any Calder Cup inserts (Hershey)??
    Looking for Washington Caps. Wantlist/Tradelist @ Hidden Content

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    Interested in the Gu'd cards, check my bucket and let me know

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