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Thread: Panini Prizm Retail 60 packs

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    Panini Prizm Retail 60 packs

    So during the middle of the week went to the Walmart by my house to finally see if they had some prism packs and they did like 16 packs so bought them all then yesterday did a littlle more driving around picking up all the packs from Walmart and Target in my surrounding area. Here's all the good stuff.

    RC-Kyrie Irving, DAmian Lillard, 2 Derrick Williams, 3 Austin Rivers, 2 Kemba Walkers

    4 Finalists Inserts- Paul Gasol, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tyson Chandler, Bill Laimbeer

    2 Mvp Inserts- Dirk Nowitzki, Willis Reed
    2 Downtown Bound Inserts- Brandon Jennings Ray Allen

    2 USA Inserts- Carmelo Anthony Deron Williams
    2 Autographs- Arnett Moultrie, Tyshawn Taylor
    8 Greens- James Harden Downtown Bound, Alonzo Mourning, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, DeAndre Jordan, Tony Wroten RC, Danny Manning, Luke Ridnour

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    Love the Green Prizms but I can't seem to find any retail packs of Prizm any more at the Walmarts and Targets in my area...
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    Yea I was suprised I found so many I live in Western New York and wanted to get a hobby box but nobody has any Dave and Adam's are all out and the other card store by me that sells boxes doesn't get much basketball in so new he was going to be long shot and he didn't have any either. So went for the retail.

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    Is the Wall green available?
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    I going to hold onto the Wall and send it in to Beckett along with a bunch of other stuff the stuff that I'm not holding onto I put into a lot on my ebay thanks for your interest.

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    pm me if trading the 2 usa inserts.. thanks
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