View Poll Results: Do the Lakers even make the playoffs?

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  • Yes

    6 46.15%
  • No

    7 53.85%
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    Question Do the Lakers even make the playoffs?

    Seems impossible to think they can't but right now they are 15-21 and are in 11th place. So do you think they will make the playoffs?
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    Yes. Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Howard have barely played together due to injuries.
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    I saw no but if they do they won't be anywhere near a high seed
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    I thought that once Nash came back they would be alright, but they still have some kind of issues going on and it's bad.
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    I say yes, especially after seeing them play against my Thunder today. Kobe is taking on a new role of being a major distributor - he did not force shots at all, but got teammates involved instead. They looked strong.
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    Hopefully not!
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    I think if they gel now that have a shot.They play as a unit like against the Thunder Sunday they can make a run
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    If Westbrook shot like he did against the Lakers, the Thunder may be in question lol

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