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Thread: Can any one help me

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    Can any one help me

    I went to scroll down in my photobucket and it shrunk all of my stuff, I cant get it back to normal size, does anyone know what I did or how to fix it, also, when you guys look at it is it still tiny?

    Ok I fixed it back to the old layout, thanks for the help everyone
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    Isn't there some link at the bottom you have to click to change if off of cell phone view?
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    I dont think its on cell phone view, it looks the same, just 3or 4 times smaller, I can't even read all the words.

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    I had the same problem. There was a link at the bottom that said "Full Site" or something like that. That brought me to the regular site. Not sure if that is your issue...
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    Close and reopen. The cell phone app is somehow on. Photobucket is playing with our minds. Don't you want our redesigned site? My answer, "No, I had no problems with the old one that wasn't broken."
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    Oh wonderful, thank you all for help, not only did I get my pics back up to size, but I switched back to the old design, didnt even know I had the option, went to the diagnosis section and they had an option to go back to the old design. I did and my stuff is big again, lol. thanks for all the help guys.

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    hahaha, that new layout really sucks. I haven't seen a single person yet say anything positive about it.

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