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    11-12 Cup GB yields a couple really nice flightless birds

    I'm stuck in camp near Fort Mac with a couple days of standby, and my local card store friend Kenney (Ksehd) is holding another 11-12 Cup group break. Kenney's a great guy to deal with and I've pulled alot of really nice cards ffrom his store and group breaks. I've been looking forward to this one, especially since I worked through most of the night and would be on standby for the next couple days. The only drawback, this camp, like most, has a very slow wifi connection. I was going to try to watch on blogtv anyway, the cup is so much better live. The case he broke today was absolutely loaded with hits including a couple tags, one of which being of the 1/1 variety. Kenney was right in the middle of going through the cards in the first tin when, the generators decide to shut down momentarily. Great, just wonderful, the lag was bad enough but now I have to wait for the wifi to come back on and connect still. By the time I was back onto the blog, the case was half over. I had the Penguins and figured my chances were good, so I asked in chat if I missed anything, apparently I had. Of all the boxes a breaks I've been in, this is my first auto from "the kid". But it was even better than that. I beleive it's just before the 4:00 mark of the video. But the whole case was loaded so you might as well watch the whole thing. I also won the random for the Rookie Evolution card in which I am very interested in seeing when they are live as well.

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    Ya could've done better!!!

    Nicely done, awesome card.

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    congrats on all the hits!! lady luck was most definitely with you

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    Then the second box has the Sid/Mario.. holy crap what a case.. (two tins)!

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    i knew i should have bought into that break. i emailed kenney before that too. lol my loss. congrats though huge hit
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