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Thread: Shipping Delays to USA?

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    Shipping Delays to USA?

    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if anybody is having a similar problem as me with packages taking a long time to USA since the holiday season. I sent an item on the 23rd of December, and it apparently has been in US customs since December 29th with no progress since then.

    2012/12/29 09:15 USLAXA, International shipment has arrived in a foreign country
    2012/12/28 13:48 VANCOUVER International item has left Canada
    2012/12/24 19:47 EDMONTON Item processed at postal facility
    2012/12/23 12:30 EDMONTON Item accepted at the Post Office

    That was the last update, and my package has been "In Transit" according to tracking since then. Is this normal? Or is this just a consequence of getting backed up due to the holidays. It just seems odd that the card has been stuck in customs for 2 weeks since it has never been this slow for me before. I don't want to get dinged for slow shipping...

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    I have had the same issue with a couple of packages from Canada sent around the same timeframe, although mine are going through the ISC in NY, not LA.

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    I guess it's not just me then. Hopefully it's just because of holiday delays. I would personally be less worried if it was a purchase, but I feel much more responsible for a sale because of my seller rating.

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