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Thread: IP Graphing Successes

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    IP Graphing Successes

    The Texans came to New England for the 2nd time this season and just like the first time the security was awful.... Team security combined with the hotel security is very difficult.. Got no big names at all..

    Houston Texans:
    DeVir Posey 1/1
    Tim Dobbins 1/1
    David Hunter 1/1
    Lestar Jean 1/1
    Keyshawn Martin 1/1
    Keyaron Fox 1/1

    Went to the game yesterday and tried for the Pats. Normally they are brutal signing at home in the stadium because of the amount of people but I gave it a shot.

    Chandler Jones 1/1
    Devin McCourty 1/1
    Michael Hoomanawanui 1/1
    Ryan Mallett 1/1
    Ryan Wendell 1/1
    Alfonzo Dennard 0/1 (he was talking to Tavon and they both ignored)
    Tavon Wilson 0/1
    Steve Gregory 1/1 (barley can see it...)
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    Nova came in to play PC this weekend and this was just sweet and easy. I was able to stand right next to the meeting room and a team manager told us exactly what time the team was leaving at game time. Main target was Jayvaughn Pinkston and Jay Wright. Not only did I get those two but basically landed the whole team on a logo.

    Villanova Wildcats

    James Bell 1/1
    Darrun Hilliard 1/1
    Tony Chennault 1/1 (worst signature in the world)
    Mislav Brzoja 1/1
    Nick McMahon 1/1
    Mouphtaou Yarou 1/1
    Ryan Arcidiacono 1/1
    Patrick Farrell 1/1
    Daniel Ochefu 1/1 (was shocked I asked him to sign)
    Achraf Yacoubou 1/1
    Maurice Sutton 1/1
    Jay Wright 1/1 (wicked nice guy)
    JayVaughn Pinkston 1/1

    Then I went to the PC v Nova game at the Dunk and tried to finish my Providence logo

    Providence Friars

    Bryce Cotton 1/1
    Kris Dunn 0/1 (won't sign for me anymore, he claims he doesn't sign for anyone more than once or twice in a season)
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    The Ravens came into town to play the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Graphed them at both the hotel and the game. Got a bunch of guys and I would say I did pretty well for the amount of people that were camping out to see Ray Rice and a couple other guys. It's tough when they have such a big game..

    Baltimore Ravens:

    Nigel Carr 1/1
    Anthony Levine 2/2
    Chykie Brown 1/1
    James Ihedigbo 1/1 (was with his gf but was nice enough to do it)
    DJ Bryant 1/1
    Adrian Hamilton 1/1
    Bernard Pierce 1/1
    Tommy Streeter 1/1
    Pernell McPhee 1/1 (said he wanted to eat but did it anyways)
    Ray Rice 1/1 (signed in black b/c a little kid gave him that sharpie)
    Emanuel Cook 1/1
    DeAngelo Tyson 1/1 (apparently I heard this guy is one of the hardest guys to get on the team, wasn't going to sign for me until his family told him to do it for me, he was pissed off)
    Jim Harbaugh 1/1
    Paul Kruger 1/1
    Gino Gradkowski 1/1
    Lardarius Webb 1/1
    Arthur Jones 1/1 (nicest guy on the team)
    Jim Caldwell 1/1
    Michael McAdoo 1/1
    Ed Dickson 1/1
    Joe Flacco 0/1 (denied everything saying that he had to go, didn't really want him that bad anyways)
    Torrey Smith 0/1 (there was way too many people swarming him before he got onto the elevator, people were screaming at him)

    Also got Sal Pal, Phil Simms, Jim Nantz and Solomon Wilcots

    The Game:

    Corey Graham 1/1
    Billy Bajema 1/1
    Bernard Pollard 0/1 (hate him)
    Anquan Boldin 0/1 (just ran right by everyone into the tunnel)
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    Pittsburgh traveled to Providence this week to take on the Friars at the Dunk. I graphed them not only on arrival and game-day at the hotel but also tried for them at the game. The biggest name on the team was Steven Adams considering he is 7th in the 2014 NBA Mock Draft.

    Pittsburgh Panthers

    Steven Adams
    3/3 (Wasn't very nice about it. Normally he is one per so I got him at three separate times)
    Tray Woodall 3/3
    Jamie Dixon 1/1 (Another very nice coach)
    Durand Johnson 1/1
    Chris Jones 1/1
    Aron Nwankwo 1/1
    Lamar Patterson 1/1
    James Robinson 1/1
    Dante Taylor 1/1
    Talib Zanna 1/1
    Cameron Wright 1/1
    Dick Groat 1/1 (He does the announcing for the Panthers and was the 1960 NL MVP so I decided to get him on an OMLB. I felt bad for him because he's 82 and we all made him sign in the freezing cold for about 5 minutes)

    Pre-game at the Dunk is almost always easy and I had some spare floorboards to use up at the game so I decided to get some Providence guys on some of them.

    Providence Friars

    Ricky Ledo 1/1 (Willing signer and a pro prospect)
    Vincent Council 1/1

    I also landed

    John Saunders 1/1
    Tim Welsh 1/1
    Al Skinner 1/1

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    Nice CBB stuff. I'll be doing a little B10 (Iowa and Minnesota) next month. I already have tons of stuff from this year's Gophers squad, but can never have enough of a team like them. I can only hope to do half as good as you did. Congrats. Keep it up.

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    Thanks man! I'll check out your thread because I am a big college basketball fan. Minnesota is a good team for autographs.

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    What to you get the college ballplayers to sign on?
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrveggieman View Post
    What to you get the college ballplayers to sign on?
    Normally I'll get 8x10's for like the pro prospects and coaches, a logo for the entire team to sign and some floorboards.

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    Decided to graph the Knicks as they were in Beantown playing the Celtics at the Garden. It was so cold but the Knicks are my favorite NBA team and Melo is my favorite player so I decided I could withstand the weather. Unfortunately, it wasn't worth the long trip to the city because some guys from New York ran up to Amar'e looking for him to sign as he was walking from the front door of the hotel to the Knicks bus. The team security starting freaking out and he told us that they wouldn't let Tyson, Melo and J.R. sign as they were still left to come out. So a couple people ruined it for a whole entire group of people....

    New York Knicks

    Chris Copeland
    Iman Shumpert 1/1 (So happy I landed him, he's one of my favorite players in the league)
    Jason Kidd 0/1 (Surprised that he isn't much of a friendly guy)
    Steve Novak 0/1 (Didn't want to do it because of the cold, he ran onto the bus)
    James White 0/1
    Pablo Prigioni 0/1
    Amar'e Stoudemire 0/1 (was going to do it until those guys rushed him)

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    Miami was in town to face the Boston Celtics. 1 pm Sunday game on ABC but again the weather was brutal. It was freezing maybe even worse than what it was for the Knicks. Didn't set up well because of the warm weather that the Heat are used to in Miami. Wasn't expecting Bosh, LeBron or Ray to sign but I wanted to land Dwayne.. Unfortunately it was yet another rough day..

    Miami Heat

    Chris "Birdman" Anderson 1/1
    Ray Allen 0/1
    Mike Miller 0/1 (he literally ran to the cab he was taking to the arena)
    Shane Battier 0/1
    Norris Cole 0/1
    Mario Chalmers 0/1 (one of my favorite players in the league)
    James Jones 0/1
    LeBron James 0/1
    Dwayne Wade 0/1 (was very disappointed he didn't sign)
    Bob McAdoo 1/1 (happy that I at least got a HOF out of the trip)

    Didn't bother to even call Bosh, Pittman, Haslem, Anthony, Lewis or Varnado.. Overall it was an awful day.

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