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Thread: 2013 SCF Yahoo Fantasy Racing

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    2013 SCF Yahoo Fantasy Racing

    alright the league is created for those who would like to play. Prize is TBD but it will be something good for the overall winner. Please join and bring your friends!

    Group ID #: 2659

    Group Name: SCF Racing

    Group password: scf2013

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    I figured it out, I am in...Ed

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    i am in never done racing fantasy should be fun

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    im in to
    I Collect Cleveland Browns/Nascar( Austin DIllon).

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    Last year was my first year really paying attention to NASCAR. Watched nearly every race (except 2 that were DVR'd but I found out the winner before watching). I'm in.

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    Just signed up! I finished 2nd overall last year, so hoping to improve by one, lol! Are there gonna be 3 segment winner prizes this year? Was also wondering about maybe a top 3 this time?

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    im in
    Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else

    - Vince Lombardi

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    Im in again this year, loved the competition last year

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