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    1 box 08-09 ultra...i think we killed it!

    i had to do some sucking up to the wife after a tin of the cup, 2 packs of OPCP and a box of spa, so i got her a box of this year's ultra (she loves this product). here's what we got:
    mike fisher ice medallion /100
    ice medallion red8 /100 (bogosian?)
    red3 (voracek?)
    joe jensen rc
    kyle okposo rc
    matt dagostini rc
    zach fitzgerald rc
    brian boyle rc
    kyle turris rc
    joe jensen gold rc
    kyle turris gold rc
    brian boyle gold rc
    joe thornton ex
    paul kariya ex
    sidney crosby ex
    sidney crosby gold
    a pile of other inserts im too lazy to list. the crosbys are pc but everything else is fs/ft for stuff in my sig

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    Very nice break there!

    No jersey's?
    Lee Stempniak
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    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    sorry, forgot about them (because they were forgetable, lol) they were ian white and andrew raycroft, both blue

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    how can you kill something thats already dead? but ok, nice break

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    Do u still have the fisher ice medallion if so what do u want for it

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    Too bad the redemptions have expired and so has UD's 1 year grace period. Maybe you can still get some compensation, but it all depends on the customer service worker you get. Good luck,


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    did anyone notice this post was originally made in 2009!!

    sure by now the redemptions are long gone.
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