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    wanna knock out a few trades thise evening

    check my bucket lets drum up a few trades this evening..all luck patches in luck pc folder are vailable except for the strata patch
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    check my bucket i have this steelers auto

    i like the TY Hilton autos lmk please
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    I like the strata Jarius Wright and Turbin auto's.
    Looking to trade for or buy these low end letterman cards. This is a project, not looking to trade for great players, and not trading my good players away. Thank you! 2-D, 1-N
    Please, just return a reply or pm, even if just to say no thanks.
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    interested in the kendall wright auto pm me thanks!

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    ed i have that sanders...didnt see anything else

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    grims i like ur kendall wright chrome auto....ur doug martin incoming...and david wilson 1957 auto....

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    like the trich, von miller, jarius wright, ronnie hillman
    I collect Champ Bailey, Chris Harris (Broncos CB), Current Denver Broncos, Gerell Robinson (Broncos/Cardinals WR), Soccer cards and anything that catches my eye! Let's get trading!
    I am a full time student/worker, so if my sending is slow I apologize. Hidden Content

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