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    H: MMA, pre '03 hockey, lots of Hossa RC, W: base autos, pre 90 RCs

    Haven't collected in some 10 years, just started up again last year with MMA and looking to get back into hockey. My PC consists of 1 auto of each player I can get. Right now virtually all I have is from '03 and before, so I need mostly guys who came into the NHL in the last 10 years (don't need those guys who were in every BAP set from 94-03). So my main wants are base autos, I also really like the pre 90's players that are popping up in sets now! Not just looking for stars, I'm looking for everyone.

    Also on my wantlist would be RCs from the 80's and before.

    I've got lots of MMA to trade if you're into that. Other than that, I have a mishmash of hockey from mostly 98-03, as well as some early 90's RCs and stuff. Unfortunately I don't have a particular list. I do have an extensive Marian Hossa RC collection I'm willing to trade off. It's a shame because I loaded up on his RCs and he has had an amazing NHL career yet the cards are worth far less than when I bought them. Anyway, I've got extras of all of his base RCs (most in bulk...think I have 40 or 80 of UD, Pacific, Donruss Elite, and a few preferred.) Also have some extras of his parallel RCs from the same year.

    If you think we can work something out, let me know. Sorry my haves and wants are so vague! I'm also willing to buy bulk base auto lots if they're very cheap.

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    Check out my want list as I am looking to trade for quite a few cards from the years you have available, including some Marian Hossas. I am always willing to trade my newer cards for anything from my want list. Thanks

    Want List:


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    Do you have any Stanley Cup Heroes available for trade?


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    Any Derek king pacific parallels or 01-02 ice rookies?
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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