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Thread: Sandy Hook shooting?

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    Sandy Hook shooting?

    Lengthy video, but very interesting. Your thoughts? First 21 minutes is what you want to watch. I think the point of the video is supposed to lead us to believe it never happened, thats a load of garbage. The interesting thing to me is all the people making up stories to have their camera time.
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    What the heck, looked up this interview, this doesn't happen 2 days after. This is weird.

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    I don't get into conspiracy theories, but I've spent the last night and today looking at videos from this shooting and none of them make sense, you all should look up all the videos and info we have and see for yourselves.

    Why do we not have pictures of any of the children involved? There was supposably 400 kids on lockdown inside of the school and we never saw them leaving. Why did all the parents interview 2-3 days after the shooting, and not one tear was shed? Why was there a donation page made for one of the victims family 2 days before the shooting? Why were ambulances not allowed to come in the peremider? Why did the medical examiner say all the wounds where from the long rifle when the rifle was found in the card and handguns in the school? Why was the long rifle actually a shotgun that was pulled out of the black car? Why did the police chase down a guy behind the school into the woods and tackle him (this is confirmed by a AP video and multiple interviews) if the only shooter killed himself. Why are there multiple interviews of staff saying that the shooters mom was a teacher there when she wasn't. Why are most of the parents part of the same acting guild?

    This is weird stuff...
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    I wouldn't believe anything this guy says.

    And if his story is true he's a creeper. Why did a bus driver just leave 6 kids at his house? Why does he have a ton of teddy bears and dolls in his house? This guys story might be one of the weirdest.

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    So my question is you think this shooting was a set up for what exactly? Gun laws,money??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    So my question is you think this shooting was a set up for what exactly? Gun laws,money??
    Im not saying it was set up for anything, or that it was set up at all. But this is sooooo weird, why? See my last post. Like I said, i don't get into these things at all, but this stuff is way to weird. Before saying anything about people claiming this is fake (like I did,called my friend who told me to look it up and idiot :) look it up! If nothing else look at the McDonnell's interview, you cannot tell me that there child was killed 2 days before.

    Either there is something fishy or these people are crazy. You want to see what really happens when something like this happens, look up the Columbine Shooting videos.

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    I think you are making something from nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    I think you are making thing from nothing.
    Did you watch the videos?

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    I watched the videos, there a few mistakes in the video in trying to prove that this is a conspiracy. However, there are a lot more eyebrow raising questions in regards to the situation. I mean I know videos can be altered and people say things that are voiced over of the actual footage and recording. I definitely think there is something going on here, as I do with a lot of other things that have occurred over the past few years in this country. America definitely isn't currently what our founding fathers had in mind but that's another story. I feel bad for those who have been involved in a horrific event as this in the past (VA Tech, Columbine, etc.) If this turns out to be a plot or a hoax, it only makes the true situations even that more sad.

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