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    2013 Philadelphia Flyers Carnival

    Well guys........Hockey is back and it's time for the Flyers Carnival. Carnival is scheduled for Sunday March 3rd. As of now tickets info has not been date, photo booths, or premium players. I am sure some of the Philly INK guys are gonna be doing 50/50, consignment and helping each other out. I will help people out, Philly INK crew first, then others. My #1 need this Carnival is Claude Giroux. I will lost my other needs later. I also may have some extra Giroux Photofile 8x10s if anyone needs any!

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    I'm in, and spreadsheet is started. Please reply how many you need from each player so the sheet can allow people to pair up and split cost

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    Giroux x2
    Talbot x1
    Pronger x1........if he is there
    Hartnell x1
    Bryzgalov x1
    Luke Schenn x1
    Leighton x1
    Boucher x1

    I need more but those are my tops

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    Giroux x2
    Hartnell x2
    Boucher x2
    Briere x2
    Courtiere x2
    Pronger x2
    Tomonen x2

    Anybody else on the team I could use 1 from

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    As of now my needs are.
    Giroux x1
    Bryz x2
    Gervais x2
    mcginn x2
    gagne x2
    read x1
    Saleski x2
    Dornhoefer x2
    faust x1
    hospodar x1
    dowd x1
    alison x1
    fedoruk x1
    propp x2
    kindrachuk x2
    joe Watson x1
    jim Watson x1
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    My guess on the prepaids are. Giroux, Briere, Hartnell, Bryzgalov maybe 1 other

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    i always have stuff for every player (except Leighton) but my top needs are:

    Pronger* x2
    Giroux x1
    Gervais x1
    Foster x1
    Read x4
    Bryz x1

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    2 Briere
    1 Giroux
    2 Hartnell
    1 Talbot
    1 Timonen
    1 Coburn(Somehow I never got him at practice on my 2010 Conference Champs team photo)

    I'll be on the hunt for Laviolette, Therien, Holmgren and Paddock too.
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
    Always looking for signed Philadelphia Sports Illustrateds!
    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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    2 giroux
    1 hartnell
    1 or 2 bryz
    2 b schenn
    1 l schenn
    1 couturier

    these are my top priority

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    they always have 6 premiums players.

    my guess

    Timonen (maybe)

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