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    Now this is clearly a searched ebay "hot pack"

    Cmon really lol

    clearly a regular canvas lol, smartest way to get top dollar for your basic inserts?

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    hahaha that's great... the hope of it being an auto / patch sure does sell

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    will theese ever die out? dont see the point in this its so lame.
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    hot pack guys = scum of the hobby. of course ebay wouldn't give a crap.
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    I feel like buying it and then putting in a claim saying fraud, pack was opened, which clearly it was

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    Isn't this actually not allowed on eBay? I wouldn't buy it, ever, but if an Eberle insert comes out technically there is nothing a buyer can do, I just don't see how anyone can be so dumb and buy this. Clearly it is the insert.

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    its the canvas insert, because even his regular game jersey is an SP I believe?

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    Hint: they all are.
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    How could you recognize a particular player card without opening the pack? I know you can find jerseys/patches easily by sliding your thumb and in some Panini products you can see the insert type if the pack material is thin but my understanding is that you have to open the pack to see the players inside. It seems that the seller is selling a lot of player specific hot packs, so I guess the packs are not factory sealed unlike it is claimed in the description?

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    Maybe he is just a psychic.

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