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    NRA says video games are to blame.. then releases a gun shooting video game....

    Then they have the audacity to release a commercial calling Obama a hypocrite and attacking his children... lovely people

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    "There's no reason that they can't espouse safe, effective, appropriate gun usage,
    they did, it is targets being shot at.

    How two-faced of the NRA to introduce a violent video game on the heels of their blame game," said Lori Haas, whose daughter survived a mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007.
    again, it is targets in a shooting range, pretty darn safe.

    also it is strange the story doesn't mention the NRA saying if Obama's kids can be guarded by guns, why can't all kids?

    you may think that because they are the presidents kids they should need it more, but the fact is how many presidents children have ever been shot at, killed, kidnapped or missing?

    while we have over 2000 kids missing every day, nearly 160 kids a day are abducted by non family members, 1 in 5 girls are sexually abused, and the list goes on.

    and we think a video game has bad timing on its release? since the last school shooting, how many children are gone and how many were sexually abused?

    perhaps that should be our focus

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    Shooting at targets? As much as I love stories about the NRA's stupidity, this isn't one.

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