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    1989 Topps baseball autograph need list

    Hey all,

    Hoping some of you out there can help me with my autographed 1989 Topps baseball set. I am down to less then 70 to complete the set. I am interested in trading and buying. No deal is too small.

    Here is the updated list

    77 Doyle Alexander
    489 Phillies TL
    540 Bo Jackson
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    Listed has been updated. Picked up a substantial amount in the last 2 weeks.

    Still need many more

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    picked up Tony Fernandez

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    picked up Shane Rawley from a private signing

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    Wally Joyner is doing a signing here in Philly may 4th. Cards presale price is 12 bucks

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    Already know about it from another site and am in on it. Thanks for the info.

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    No prob. The guy who runs the shop is a good dude. I deal with him a lot. Good luck!

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    Bob Horner - trade
    Daryl Boston - ST
    Matt Nokes - TTM

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    picked up these:

    John Cerutti
    Rick Rhoden
    Kevin McReynolds (RB)

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    picked up Paul O'Neill via trade

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