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    If any one sent me a pm and I haven't replied I will, I am just contemplating my various options

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    Hey I'm very interested in the card. Would be open to a cash/card trade for it. I've got a good amount of high end Football in my bucket

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyGriffin3 View Post
    I would give you this lot of 4 cards for it:

    I gotta think about that one. I will let you know later this evening

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    Just an update an a ttt

    Beckett has the card and is due to send it back to me on monday. When i get the grade from them ill post it

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    Here are the results. I knew the grade itself wouldn't matter a whole lot seeing as it's already a 1 of 1, but I like the fact that it is protected

    Set Name : 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Black Refractors
    Player Name : Andrew Luck
    Date Graded : Wednesday, January 23, 2013
    Centering Grade : 9.0
    Corner Grade : 9.5
    Edges Grade : 9.5
    Surfaces Grade : 9.0
    Autograph Grade : 9.0
    Final Grade : 9.0

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    sent you a PM, I am interested and have sealed cases of topps chrome hobby

    Hidden Content

    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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    Here are some pics. I am actually growing kinda attached to the card. It was my first card I ever submitted and also the first high end card I ever pulled, apart from a $500 2005 Fleer Ultra Triple Kings Eli, Peyton, and Archie Auto /50
    While I appreciate the offers I'm in no rush to sell It.

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    cool enjoy it man.. just keep it and let it be your little PC secret congrats!

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