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    FedEx dropped by and left Two Packages from UD...

    First package is for redemption replacements for three damaged cards:

    1.) Damaged 11-12 The Cup Dual Stanley Cup Signatures Mario Lemieux & Paul Coffey

    2.) Damaged 11-12 The Cup Gabriel Landeskog Rainbow #/92, I told them I would like to keep the card so they just sent this card as compensation:

    3.) Damaged 11-12 The Cup Ryan Nugent-Hopkins #/99, damaged to a point that I didn't even want to keep it, at first they said they could only replace it with equal value cards, but after 3 months of wait, I got a call from them and said they can send me this card:

    The catch is..... there is a ding corner on the card... so basically it's a damaged card replaced by another damaged card...

    The damage is at the back of the card (see top right):

    But they also sent me this card for compensation:

    Second package is for the couple Rookie Evolution cards that I redeemed:

    First one is Brett Connolly:

    Super thick card...

    Second one is for Cody Eakin:

    But for some reasons, they also included these two cards in the package:

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    its still a bummer on the hopkins but those freebies are very very nice. may not totally make up for it but thats a better effort then i have seen them usually make.

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    Never a bad mailday when you get all of that I guess :P

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    Sort of a bummer that the RNH replacement was dinged, but that Gretzky auto is very, very sweet. Also nice they sent the Giroux card, too. Then the extra Auto Sid card & the Wings double patch? Like FanOfSpeed08 said, they made a better effort than usual. Overall, I'd say you did very well.

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    I really dig the color and design used to make the evo's. They should make regular cards with a similar design.
    I'd say that was a very good mailday!! :D

    Agreed the Hopkins card isn't in the greatest of conditions, but it's still one heck of a card and I'd be happy to own one like that.
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    Are the EVO cards like a hologram or something? I'm still not following what they do.

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    It plays a video. It's basically a video trading card. It's an interesting oddity. We're already at the point where we can produce almost paper thin digital displays, so I wouldn't be surprised to find them embedded into much thinner cards in the near future.
    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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