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Thread: Need To Selll Cheap

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    Need To Selll Cheap

    I want to sell almost all my cards for cheap. I want to restart my collection. I want to sell as a lot but I can do individually if you like. I will not be naming the price, you can make the offer and we will work from there. Even if you remotely like something just make an offer and we can work from there. If you really don't feel comfortable with making an offer I can do so. Here is the lot, make an offer....
    There is more in my bucket so take a look!
    Pictures aren't working, if you have the time, check my bucket

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    I was looking at your FT section, and I'd be willing to trade you for your Kiprusoff Artifacts Emerald /99. Have a look through my bucket if you want, but even if you don't find anything in there PM me. Also, if it were me I'd try to move all those Ganger's as a lot, there are a ton of his collectors on here.


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    any interest in moving any of your auto patches from the cup or dominion lmk thanks.

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